From Content to Tone - Workshop feedback

Workshop organiser - Lynne Huntley

"The concept of your workshop intrigued me when you outlined it – the reality offered us an experience of both breadth and depth and opened our ears to new possibilities. Since ours is a 'talking therapy' and since psychodynamic counsellors do not engage in physical contact with their clients, a greater understanding of the power of the voice is very relevant to our practice. Your highly interactive workshop gave us a step-by-step experience of different dimensions of the speaking voice. I was aware throughout of the care you took to relate our emerging appreciation and understanding of resonance, tone, articulation and inflection to our work as counsellors. You really brought your world of music and voice into our world of counselling. You worked with us in such a refreshing and engaging way that our learning, as well as being profound, was also fun! Yet I know that what seemed effortless was the fruit of enormous thought, careful preparation and meticulous planning."

Participants comments

"The whole workshop was of great interest and exceeded my expectations – inflection and listening."
"All the content was of interest and insightful. The relevance of speech/sound in co-relationship and some of the musicality of the relationship was most helpful."
"The workshop was helpful in giving a way of discerning deeper emphasis in conversation beyond content. Emphasised intuitive skill and used the contribution of music to good effect. Very good day and encouraging that such a course is available and felt to be important for the development of counselling skills."
"It has opened my eyes to think about tone of voice as another way of thinking about a client. Also technique for making my own delivery more telling. The day was both useful and fun. I liked the mixture of passive listening and voice exercises. The delivery was very engaging – the first time I have ever been sat in the training room listening to live music and the first time I’ve sung in the room."
"The workshop alerted us to become aware of our voice and the sound we make rather than focussing on the content of what we said and the group exercises where we were encouraged to put this into practice."
"I thought about the language of music needing no words, how feelings can be accessed through music and interpretation. Particularly, I felt close to something ‘unconscious’ which is what we work with as psychodynamic counsellors. When working in the ‘group’ I felt the power of a group as one and it brought to mind Jung’s Collective Unconscious’ I think I would enjoy exploring myself more via music and at the same time gain the ‘gift’ of creativity that music brings. I cannot read, sing or play music."
"I liked the whole day and the facilitator was excellent and knew what his goal was (helps enormously!). Timing content and tone perfect. Facilitator was charismatic and obviously loved his work. His skills were fully employed and enhanced by his timing, discipline and humour. I enjoyed the way we learnt much and enjoyed the music/movement. I got to know some of the other participants and their difficulties."

Workshop Format

"Excellent, included all the components/aspects of this type of workshop that I expected and more."
"It was an interesting experience with “I like Bill” exercise and how words alone do not convey meaning – trying to convey meaning ourselves was helpful. I think the early part of the day was a good ‘icebreaker’. I found myself enjoying singing in a group - it was my first experience of a ‘counselling’ group together as one voice!"
"Good, well paced, good balance."
"It would have been good to have an opportunity to comment on our expectations rather than have an afternoon tea break, which I found superfluous. Otherwise fine."
"Good day and very rewarding. David is very enabling. I enjoyed the way he got us to focus on the character of the performers – the quartet, and how he related that to a counselling situation i.e. are we hearing them or is it just our own projection!?"